Editing a task across multiple projects

I really appreciate the ability to add a single task to multiple projects, however it would be helpful to be able to change the settings on a task so that if it’s updated on one project board it won’t change the information on the task on another.

An example is our product development team and training team both tracking work on separate project boards. On one the project manager is the task owner and the deadlines are the overall project deadlines. We’ll add the tasks to the training team’s pipeline board so they can see what projects are in progress and follow status updates, but they can’t reassign the task to a training specialist on their team or update the due date to the training date without changing the information on the product team’s board.

This might be answered in allowing custom date fields to have ranges and be used on the timeline/calendar, or there could be a way we use sub-tasks instead but thought it would make the tool more useable for our team as different teams track their respective progress on a shared Asana task.

I understand the concerns about your current practice, but I don’t agree that it would make sense that a single, multi-homed task could appear differently or have different field values based on which project it is being viewed in. (I could write several paragraphs, if not a 200 page monograph, on why I think this, but I will spare you all.)

A good solution would be what you suggest - a subtask. Example: The parent task resides in the “Bob the Builder” project and reflects the driving/primary task that gives rise to the need for related action in other projects; let’s call it “Pour building foundation at 123 Elm”. When it becomes clear that the training team needs to track that activity, possibly so they can send trainers (or videographers?) to the field, or provide an updated manual or check off completed training modules, they then add a subtask “Train on concrete pour, 123 Elm” to the “Pour…” task. The subtask “Train…” is then homed as a task in the “Trish the Trainer” project, and can be given any assignee and any due dates, unconstrained by the driving task.

This way, each team can focus on their own work, including assignees and dates, while maintaining awareness and links to the associated activities going on in the other team.

Here’s how it looks to the people using “Bob’s” board:

…and here it is on Trish’s:

Would that work?

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