rule action to edit existing task

  1. I have two projects, sales and dev.
  2. I have a custom field in each project, sales:web status and dev:web requirement. Both are drop-downs with the same values.
  3. I would like to create a trigger on create task in sales and sales:web status is set, to create a new task in dev with same task name and dev:web requirement set to the same value.
  4. I would like to create a trigger on edit sales:web status to edit dev:web requirement on task with the same task name.

Is any of this possible?

Hi @erix, welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out!

It’s currently not possible to automatically create tasks using Rules. However, you can move a task to a different project when you change a custom field. Then you can also set that the custom field is updated. For example:

I hope this helps!

Hi @erix
Can you explain a bit more about why you want a Task to exist in two different projects but with the Same Task Name and Custom Field Values?

I would think if you could have the same Taks but just Multi Home it into both projects?

But maybe the reason is in what comes after you set the tasks up.



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Great questions, @Jason_Woods! :raised_hands:

I work for a company that sells services to hotels. Therefore we intend for the tasks to bare the name of the hotel. one of the services is building websites.

We would like to build a process flow where as soon as a hotel is added to a separate app (Freshsales), a series of tasks are created on Asana through Zapier. Since Zapier cannot be used to edit the tasks (or trigger when Freshsales is edited), I would need to setup the automation within Asana.

Since the automation is within Asana, I need a task to hold the custom field in a project for sales team to follow and the same field in a project for dev team to follow. There’s hundreds of hotels, so it would be easier to follow multiple tasks than follow multiple projects, since there’s no interface to list the hundreds of projects (with filters) as tasks are displayed.

Since each task will have hotel name, in each project, if a hotel changes their requirement or the dev team completes the task, I need the custom field change in one project to change the value of the field in the other project. It is possible to do this in Jira, but Asana has a beautiful interface.

What is Multi Home? I cannot find it in documentation.

Hi @erix

Thanks for the additional information will review in a bit more detail. In the meantime here is a link to the Guide Article on Multi Homing;

Hope this helps.