Rule to Create a Duplicate Task?

I want to duplicate a task to a different project using a rule. For example, when I change a drop down status, I want to duplicate the task to a different project, NOT link the same task to a different project. I want to duplicate the task so that I can change the due date on the newly created task without changing the original due date of the original task. Is there any way to do this?

My issue here could also be solved by allowing for a second due date field, but this also does not seem possible?

Hi Alex. This wouldn’t be possible with Asana rules. However, using Zapier you could create a Zap like this:

Trigger - Task completed in project.
Action - Create new task. You could then specify the new project and due date.

Hope that helps!


Can zapier also make subtasks on that task?

Yes it could :grinning: