Duplication of Task with subtasks and subsections with the API

Is it possible to duplicate a Task with its subtasks and subsections via the API? I didn’t find in the documentation the available parameters for the duplication of tasks, only Projects.


Hi @Eden

Whilst not a Dev using the API I use a couple of tools that utilise the API and I believe that using the API it does duplicate the SubTasks.
Looking at the API Doc it does have this section…

Which does include the SubTasks. SubSections in SubTasks are still just ordinary tasks so they should duplicate.

I hope this helps. There is lots of guru’s of API dev work so am sure someone will confirm for you.



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Got it, Thanks!

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Thanks for the tip it worked like charm, how I can set the due date or custom field for the new created task? or shall I go the long way get task, get fields, update fields?

You can try to use the due_on Parameter with a date format of YYYY-MM-DD, the custom field you’ll most definitely have to update separately.

You will need to do a separate PUT request to update the Task with those fields - see this post. Improved Zapier Functionality (For Project Creation)

When duplicating you will receive the GID of the Duplicate task, use that to reference the newly created/duplicated task - no need to GET


Hi Eden,
I managed to do the zaps to work as follows:
1- Duplicate Task
2- Get GID from the first Step then Update the Task by assigning values to custom fields.

it went well except for today! the tasks were duplicated but when it was about to update the task with custom fields value I received this error "The app returned “Custom field with ID <> is not on given object”.

Take into consideration that 2 other zaps worked for 2 different projects with the same custom field GID
Would my permissions affect this?

Yes, Permissions does affect this.
If you don’t have access to the project with the custom fields - then you don’t have access to the custom fields either.