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I’m using the API with Python. I would like to know what’s the best way to duplicate a section template with all its tasks, subtasks and so on ? Every week, I need to create a new section called WKXXX with the same tasks and subtasks under the same project which is then filled by users. Best regards,

Hi @anon65819666 and welcome to the forum,

There’s no way in the API to duplicate an entire section at once (only to duplicate a whole project to a new project). So you’ll need to add the section, then add each task and subtask within it separately, one call per task/subtask.

Curious to know if there are any plans to make this possible? It would be a great added feature to be able to duplicate an entire section.


Hi, I just wanted to add my workaround for this–which is WAAAAAAYYY easier than some of the suggested steps in the past (i.e. creating a whole new project, etc.). I just select all my tasks in the section I want to duplicate (highlight the first, hold shift button, click on the last) and then click CMD+C (on a mac) to copy and then go to the bottom to click on the plus button to create a new section, click on the first row for a new task and click CMD+V to paste and I have the same section with tasks in same order. Hope that helps people!


Welcome, @Yo_Miller,

Your workaround is a great one and I use it all the time in the Asana UI.

But note that it only copies the task titles, none of the task metadata. Also, this category is about the Asana API, not the Asana UI, so the request is actually asking for something different.



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