Duplicating a Project via API doesn't add the tasks to the "Other Projects"

We are using Zapier and the API to duplicate a project (technically it’s a project template). Let’s call it Project A.

Within Project A (that we are duplicating), there are many tasks. Some of those tasks are already part of other projects (i.e., some tasks in Project A are also within Project B).

When we use the API to duplicate Project A, it’s not automatically adding the certain tasks to Project B.

Here is the code we’re utilizing for the API duplication: https://i.imgur.com/FUbnvkQ.png

What else do we need to add to the include to allow it to add the “Other Projects”? I don’t see this anywhere in the documentation.

We also want to be sure, that if we DO get it to work (so that it proper the tasks to Project B), that it doesn’t also re-add all the tasks to Project A too (since technically all the tasks are within Project A, since that’s the one being duplicated).

Hi @FreshyJon,

Add an include for task_projects.


Excellent. Thanks!

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