Best hack for creating a new task using Rules?

I’m building out a bugs triage process with Rules. I’ve got like 8 custom fields and 10 rules and I’m pretty proud of it. Here’s where I need help:
The second to last step is that a bug task is assigned to an engineer to resolve. Once the engineer ships a fix, they want to complete the task (who doesn’t want to complete an Asana task?). However, the final step in the process is that our customer support team needs to know that the bug fix is shipped so they can follow up and close the loop with the customer who reported the bug.
There isn’t an Action for “create new task” “create subtask” or even “uncomplete task”. The primary goal is that our customer support team can run a custom report (or something) to find all the resolved bug tasks, so comments won’t work well for us.
Any ideas for how to get creative here?

Hi @Meg_Glasser,

There’s currently no facility in Asana to create a new task/subtask as a rule action.

My Flowsana integration has a rule action to create subtask(s) from a template, so if that fits your use case, that might work. It also has a rule action to uncomplete a task.

Alternately, if you want to create a new top-level task, I’d suggest Zapier as a possible solution as it can create new top-level tasks.