Nested Boards?

Hi all,

I’ve just taken over a new organisation where I’m looking to introduce some better project management. In my previous place we used Notion, which has its merits, but Asana does a lot of stuff better, so we’re leaning towards it.

Its been a while since I last tried Asana (it didn’t have Boards at all last time I used it). The big issue I have is that I don’t seem to be able to nest Boards. I could do this in Notion and it really is a fantastic feature. You see all your cards in columns, but then when you click on a card, it could take you to another Board. This means that if your “sub” project ends up being a substantial piece of work you can benefit from the paradigm of a Kanban Board. You can sort of achieve this in Trello as well, in a roundabout way.

However I can’t spot how to do this in Asana. It seems at first glance like a top level project can be a Kanban Board, but all the projects/sub-projects underneath it then have to be plain lists, which seems like a missed opportunity.

I just wondered if this was possible in some way in Asana?

Welcome @ADEE!
Yes there is no way of doing nested board. But asana have something worth looking into. Its called task multi-homing. You can let a task live in more than one project. Here is some useful links:

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@ADEE, along with @Paul_Grobler’s answer, you should also be aware of Asana’s subtasks feature which, combined with multi-homing as mentioned, may get you closer to the Asana solution here.


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Task homing means the same the task, displayed in many projects?

Do you mean that if the task is completed in one project, it also gets completed in the other projects where the same task is displayed to?

It’s actually termed “multi-homing” but yes, it’s exactly what you say.


Thank you Phil. And thanks for the speedy reply.

There is likely a better way (as I am just learning Asana), but what I am using so far is project-linking. So, I make a separate project for 1 task, with its own board (i.e. its own tasks/columns), and then in my “main” project’s board, I have tasks (“cards”) that only each contain a single comment, with that comment just being link to the other project (the solo board of that 1 task).

So, in the main board you can still move your cards between columns, and then when click on a card, you THEN click on the link in the comment - to take you the other board of that particular task. It’s 1 more click than what you’re describing in your question, but has the same end-result.

Hope that helps (and if anyone else has a more elegant solution for nested boards in Asana, definitely let me know!)