Project sections vs Kanban view

Hi there!
I’m struggling to implement the following through Asana.
I’ve built a project with several sections, in which I add tasks. So far so good. For the project manager this view is satisfaying.
Now, from a team manager’s point of view: I would like to see the same project and tasks through a kanban board angle: which tasks are “to do”, “on going”, “done” in a column display. Does someone managed to do that with Asana?

The closest I got is to create an other Project called “kanban” and to add all tasks to this project systematically and use the board view (to do, on going, done).
But I can’t display on the kanban board the “priority level” defined on the “project view” so it’s a bit dull.

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Welcome, @William_Hotter,

Your approach with multi-homing (adding to the second project) can be a good one, and if you’re on Business or above, you can use Rules to automate the multi-homing.

But I also happened to just write a tip about a different approach that doesn’t require multi-homing; it might work for you. See:

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