Rule to unmark as done or mark as "not completed"

I see a way to “mark as done” a task with the rule when moved to a column - how can I “UNmark as done” a task with a rule when moving to a column? I know I can use tags, but the done mark is fairly used here, and it seems simple enough to have that added as a rule option

Hi @Brad_Gregory and welcome to the Forum!

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment, but this is hopefully something we’ll look into as we work on developing Rules in Asana! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us; i’ll make sure to keep you posted via this thread once I have more info on this topic!


I love the new Rules feature. I have added a bunch of Rules that allow me to automatically have tasks’ Task Progress field be adjusted according to what Column of a board they are moved to, and a special rule that marks a task as Completed if it is moved to the Done column, or if its Task Progress field is set to Done.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do the converse; that is, if I accidentally move a task to Done and it is marked Completed automatically, and then I move the task back to another column, or change its Task Progress to something other than Done, I cannot add a rule to remove the Completed checkmark.

This is a rather glaring omission. If you can perform an action to mark as Completed, there ought to be a similar action to set to “not Completed”.

For reference, this feature request/bug is somewhat related to

This feature request/bug is also a small subset of my bigger feature request to allow Boolean logic in Rules:

Hey Dan, this capability is now available, see:

It doesn’t allow for complex combinations of AND and OR together - not sure if you needed that or not - but it covers the basics.

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Thanks for the rapid response, Phil! That’s great news about the new logic. Combining AND and OR is sort of required in order to be able to say there is full-blown support for Boolean logic, but this is a very good start. Another requirement is support for the third Boolean operator, NOT. Support for the NOT operator would cover my original request here (if you can mark a Task as “Completed”, then if you had NOT you could do “NOT Completed”).

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Also, while technically you can do anything you want with just AND, OR and NOT, it is very verbose if you do not have groups, so ideally there’d be support for grouping, as well, so you can create the equivalent of things like:
if (p1 AND (q1 or q2)) then do (action1 action2 …)
where p1, q1 and q2 are all triggers (“propositions” in propositional calculus terms).

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Yes please. This is really important functionality for us where at the moment you can only use “true” statements to trigger an action, but what is needed alot of the time is if “false” statements trigger an action.