New trigger for rules - task marked incomplete

I just saw the thread on creating a rule that sends complete tasks to a different section. I liked it, but my first thought was to see what happens when you then mark the task incomplete. This happens often enough where a user accidentally marks something complete, and then remarks it as incomplete. So a new trigger would be useful. TRIGGER: Task marked incomplete. Followed up by ACTION: Task moved to a different section. I feel I can’t use the rule if there’s no way to backtrack without doing so manually.

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If that request does not exist, @moderators should move it to Product Feedback so we can upvote it!

Hi @Lou_Buono_Jr!

Although it is possible to send complete tasks to a different section, as it stands, it is not possible to automatically move tasks marked incomplete back to their previous section. I’m moving your thread to our product feedback category to allow other users to upvote :slight_smile:

Hi all,

FYI Flowsana now has a rule trigger for “If the task has been changed to be incomplete”:

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