Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects

Flowsana Updates

I have two Flowsana updates to announce today.

Rules: Detect and change a task's incomplete state

  1. There is now a rule condition to detect when a task changes from complete to incomplete. This change can now trigger any Flowsana rule action.

  2. Similarly, there is now a rule action to change a task from being complete to being incomplete.

One good use of these rule enhancements is that you can now build a fully robust usage of a “Completed” column in a Board project. You can have a rule which marks a task complete when it gets moved into a “Completed” column, and marks it incomplete when it gets moved out of that column. You can also have rules which move it into and out of the “Completed” column when it gets marked as complete or incomplete.

Forms Support: Add submitter as a Collaborator

A new option has been added to the Forms Support workflow, allowing you to automatically have the submitter of a form be added as a Collaborator on the resulting task:

Naturally, in order for this option to be used, the email address entered by the form’s submitter will need to match exactly to a current Asana user’s email address.