Automatically add subtasks from a template, auto-create new projects, automate your tasks from a project end date - new in Flowsana

Just out: a new Flowsana update which adds some much-requested features!

Now you can…

  • Automatically add a predefined set of subtasks to a task based on a wide variety of triggers, such as a new task being created, a task being moved to a particular column/section, a certain custom field value or tag being set, and much more.

  • Automatically create a new project from a template, again based on a wide variety of triggers.

  • Automatically calculate, set, adjust, and maintain all of a project’s task dates based on the project end date. This great for managing events and other projects having a fixed end date.

  • Duplicate all of a project’s rules to another project, eliminating the need to recreate each rule in each new project where you want it applied.

For more details, see this forum post, or sign up on the Flowsana website.

Questions? We’re happy to answer them! Please send them to Flowsana support.


You have been very busy @Phil_Seeman

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This is gold. Thank you @Phil_Seeman. Looking forward to playing with this.

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You’re welcome, @Brett_Jarman and thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!