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Hi i have noticed last few days none of my workflows are working, is there a way to make sure the connection between flowsana and asana is still working ?>

Hi @RiccoZorzo,

It’s most likely due to this bug in the Asana programming interface.

But please submit a Flowsana support ticket so that you can be properly matched to your Flowsana account and thus we can investigate what’s up.

New in Flowsana: Support for My Tasks

We've just added full support for the My Tasks view in Flowsana!

Now you can create rules and other workflows for your My Tasks view just as you can for any other project.

This means the full capability of Flowsana’s rules can now be applied to your My Tasks.

Your My Tasks, and any other My Tasks views that you have access to, will now be included when you go to select a project in creating a new workflow. You’ll see both the name of the user owning the My Tasks view and the workspace that it belongs to; for example:

Simply select it as you would any other project, and create your desired rule or other workflow.


He did it :heart: task-autopromotion would be possible then?

Yes, indeed!

Well, to be more specific, I didn’t add rule actions to move tasks within the existing My Tasks sections (Today, Upcoming, etc.); I could still do that if persuaded, but decided not to do it since those are short-lived and I didn’t want people creating rules that will be obsolete.

But once regular sections are available in My Tasks, then absolutely, you’ll be able to use Flowsana’s date-based rule triggers:

along with the “Move to section” rule action to implement any number of customized auto-promotions.

(This auto-promotion capability is in fact the biggest reason why I added support for My Tasks :smiley:.)


This does not appear to work.

Hi @anon63808376,

If you can send me a Private Message with the email address you used to sign up for Flowsana, I’ll see what’s up and get back to you.

It eventually showed up. Thanks!

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Are duration based Workflows based on the assigned user and can weekends be ignored as well?

Additionally; how would the duplicate task with subtasks and subsections be triggered?

Hi @anon86052188 and welcome to the forum!

Not really, but I’m not 100% clear on the question - can you explain what you mean? Do you mean the duration should be different for different users, or ??

Yep! There is a checkbox option when setting up a Dynamic Duration workflow to tell Flowsana whether to include or exclude weekends. (Exclude is the default.)

You can trigger it with ANY of the rule triggers available in Flowsana:


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Got it!

Duration is set in a task, for a specific user - Instead of the due date being the “next in Queue” it should be “the next in queue for this user”


Flowsana doesn’t really have a “next in queue” type of capability (either overall or per user). It’s an interesting idea, hasn’t come up before - would it be something like “when a new task is added to the project and is assigned to User A, look for all existing tasks in the project assigned to User A and set a due date on the new task that’s after the last existing due date”? Or something like that?

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Yes, Exactly!

Is there a way to say “Automatically add all sub-tasks of any tasks in any project of this team, to the same project”.

I’d like to experiment with something like that.

My use case is that I group together tasks that are related, within the same project.
When a sub-task is created, the I’d like it to be automatically associated with the project too.

The goal would be to help seeing all tasks related to a particular topic, no matter how deep they are within subtasks.

To achieve the same result, one must manually add the project to each subtask, which is definitely both boring and error-prone.

No, that’s not currently available as a Flowsana capability, and is not really possible at present, since Asana does not reliably provide notifications to external applications of new subtasks that aren’t attached to a project.

Flowsana Updates

I have two Flowsana updates to announce today.

Rules: Detect and change a task's incomplete state

  1. There is now a rule condition to detect when a task changes from complete to incomplete. This change can now trigger any Flowsana rule action.

  2. Similarly, there is now a rule action to change a task from being complete to being incomplete.

One good use of these rule enhancements is that you can now build a fully robust usage of a “Completed” column in a Board project. You can have a rule which marks a task complete when it gets moved into a “Completed” column, and marks it incomplete when it gets moved out of that column. You can also have rules which move it into and out of the “Completed” column when it gets marked as complete or incomplete.

Forms Support: Add submitter as a Collaborator

A new option has been added to the Forms Support workflow, allowing you to automatically have the submitter of a form be added as a Collaborator on the resulting task:

Naturally, in order for this option to be used, the email address entered by the form’s submitter will need to match exactly to a current Asana user’s email address.


Flowsana Updates

I have a number of exciting Flowsana updates to announce today!

Auto-Adjust Workflows: Treat subtasks as dependents

Previously this feature would only adjust the first level of subtasks; now it goes down an additional level to also automatically adjust start/due dates on sub-subtasks.

New rule condition: If task is moved out of a column/section

Both Asana and Flowsana have rule conditions/triggers to act when a task is moved into a certain column/section. Now Flowsana lets you trigger a rule when a task is moved out of a certain column/section! This means in many cases you no longer have to create multiple identical rules to cover moving into every single column/section in a project.

New rule action: Set task's name to [some text value]

You can now set or modify the name of a task based on any Flowsana rule condition/trigger! This action is especially powerful when combined with the new variable substitution capability announced in the next paragraph.

New: Variable substitution in Flowsana rules

Flowsana’s rules now allow you to insert values from custom fields, as well as task, project, and section names, in a number of places.

What special strings can I put into my rules?

Include any of the following text strings:


and Flowsana will replace the string with the value specified by it.

Where can I use these strings?

In the following places:

  • The If task contains the word or phrase ______ rule condition
  • The Set custom field ______ to the value ______ rule action
  • The Set task name to ______ rule action

This opens up a whole new set of possibilities for using rules!

For example, say you want to prepend the name of the project to the front of every task in the project. Easy! Just create this rule:

  • If task is newly created, set the task’s name to {project.name} - {task.name}

Another example: say you want to add certain emojis to the start of a task’s name when the task enters into a particular state. Here are some examples of what you can do with this type of rule:

  • If task is marked complete, set the task’s name to :heavy_check_mark: {task.name}
  • If a task has custom field Status set to a value of Waiting, set the task’s name to :clock2: {task.name}

I can’t wait wait to see what clever rules people come up with using variable substitution!


@Bastien_Siebman… emoji alert! Check out in the above post how you can now automatically add emojis to task names (or text custom fields) based on certain conditions… :joy:

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Powerful! Bravo, @Phil_Seeman !!

– Larry

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Oh. My. God. :heart: