Task Auto Adjusting Dates

I am reaching out to find out if there is a feature that can be integrated to allow auto shifting dates. I understand the process of setting up a project with a start and finish date to populate the dates for each task. However, is there an integration that can be incorporated so when you edit or change a specific task’s dates, the rest of the project will shift to be in line with that change? I have found myself spending valuable time updating an entire project when one task has been moved out. Thanks in advance!

There sure is! My Flowsana integration will do exactly that. You have two options for the type of workflow: in one, you set durations for each of the project’s tasks and Flowsana creates and manages dates based on those durations and the dependencies you set up; in the other, it adjusts dates of dependent tasks when you change the dates of their dependencies.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

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