Add an action in Rules to mark tasks as Today, Upcoming and Later

If the #productfeedback submitted previously for Smart markings - Smart markings for My Tasks - isn’t a desirable feature then I think it would be nice to allow for the ability to mark tasks using the Rules feature. The trigger would be when a task is assigned to someone, ALREADY has a marking (the reason for this is I still value having new tasks in the recently added first) and the due date changes. The goal here is more automation around how tasks are mark AFTER they have already been acknowledged.

I’ve thought about adding this action to Flowsana rules. The problem I come up against, and I raise this since it would apply equally to your suggestion, is that those categorizations are pretty personal decisions for an individual user, and I’d worry about a rule moving a task to a different section without someone’s “approval”. What do you think, @Jerod_Hillard?

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@Phil_Seeman I thought the same thing when considering this feedback. I left the suggestion open, but really the only place for this to exist is in My Tasks. Otherwise, it’s difficult to control the “approval” process for this action.

I was recently told that My Tasks is essentially structured like a project. With that in mind, offering the ability to apply Rules to My Tasks is where this suggestion would work best.