Mark tasks as approval when moved to a section

I’m trying to create a rule that change tasks as “mark as approval” when they’re moved to the done column. That way I can review the work my dev as put in that column and mark them as approved or rejected or request changes.

My only 2 alternatives as i understand right now is to manually turn all my tasks as “mark as approval” from the start (no rule to automate that either) or to create a rule that assign all tasks to me when they’re moved to “Done” and then I’d mark them as complete or move them back to “In Progress column”.

Any other ideas? Thanks

  1. Maybe Flowsana can do that. @Phil_Seeman?
  2. Maybe you can achieve this via a webhook, using Zapier, but my knowledge on the subject are limited and someone who does dev should add here.
  3. There are other threads asking for approvals to be added to automation.
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Hi @Pascal_Pezet, thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, it’s currently to automatically mark a task as approval using Rules. I suggest you to add your vote here if you wish to support this request: [Rules] Automation include “Add Approval”

The workarounds shared by @IvanStaykov are also great! Let’s see if this is possible with Flowsana :slight_smile:

Hi @Pascal_Pezet,

Indeed you can accomplish what you want with a Flowsana rule!

Here’s what it looks like to build that rule:

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