[Rules] Automation include “Add Approval”


We are looking to start utilizing the approval process in Asana more and have a couple great use case projects for this. I am wondering if there is currently a way to set up an automation so whenever a task is added to a certain project the task automatically gets “Marked as Approval” without having to manually go to each task or mass select and use the 3 dot menu to select “Marked as Approval”.


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There is not currently a way to do that. You can use the Approval status as a trigger in a rule, but it’s not available as an action.

Just to add on a bit, if you do mark a task for approval in a template, any project created by that template will copy over the “Marked as Approval” for those tasks.

Adding Approvals options as Action in Rules will be great addition


This would be a great addition, as I am also looking to implement this functionality into my day to day workflow for both approvals and milestones. Hopefully this can be something that is considered soon.

We also need the option that would make any task added to a project an ‘Approval’ type of task. This could be accomplished through the rules functionality, but the action to mark task as approval is not currently available in project rules. Can this be added and if so, is there a eta that can be associated with this request to get it added?


I would like to sign us up here as well. Rules are a great feature, and marking tasks as approval is the only missing piece for us there.

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I really would like this feature as well as we are emailing in compliance approval requests so would be great to auto tag any item coming into a project for approval.

+1 for this — we are using Rules to set up an intra-team review process (ie. using multiple boards). Asana’s Approval/Celebration features would be ideal for this, but Rules can’t trigger Approval status. As a result the review process becomes nastily semi-automated: not quite fully automated, but not quite human either.

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+1 This is an essential feature! Absolutely need approvals to work with rules, otherwise it feels a bit pointless?


Hi everyone! Thank you for sharing your feedback here. As @Phil_Seeman mentioned , it’s currently not possible to add Approvals to a rule. I’ve gone ahead and sent your request to our team in charge of the Voice of the Customer Program so it can be consider in future updates.

I’ve also moved this thread to our Product Feedback category, please don’t forget to upvote! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!


Would love to be able to setup an automation to automatically add an approval to a task when certain conditions are met such as a custom field changes, assignee change, etc.

Would also love to be able to create automations on subtasks.

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Thanks for your feedback, we have an existing thread about this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merge your thread with [Rules] Automation include “Add Approval” to centralize feedback. I hope you don’t mind!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Emily Roman suggested we upvote this thread to help get it on the Customer Program’s radar! (in the title) :slight_smile:

Emily Roman suggested we upvote this thread to help get it on the Customer Program’s radar! (to the left of the thread title) :slight_smile:

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Emily Roman suggested we upvote this thread to help get it on the Customer Program’s radar! (to the left of the thread title) :slight_smile:


The ability to set “Add Approval” as a rule action would be a game changer for us. I’m trying to switch from PivotalTracker to Asana and this would help a lot.

Hi all,

FYI my Flowsana integration provides this capability - you can have a task changed to be an Approval task as the result of any Flowsana rule trigger.

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There might be a way to accomplish this today that I am overlooking but I would like to be able to automatically convert tasks to approvals when being added to a project. We have projects that are ONLY items that need to be “Marked as Approval” but I don’t see a way to ensure this is the case. Especially if the tasks are being generated through a Form.

Hi @Jerod_Hillard,

Not possible to do within Asana, but FYI, easy to do with Flowsana!