Automatically move tasks to another project

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to set up the following 2-part workflow.

Part 1:

Anytime a stakeholder fills in our Asana form, they have to fill in a field to tell us if their task is a priority or not. Priority tasks go to project A.

I want to set up a rule that automatically moves non-priority tasks to project B.

Part 2:

In project B, our manager will review the team’s capacity, and if we can take on the non-priority task, our manager will move the task to a different section in project B. It should then (with a rule) automatically also get added to project A. So at that point, the task is visible in both projects.

We’re on the enterprise plan and I have tried to use the ‘move to another project’ rule to automate part 1. But for some reason, the tasks don’t get moved, they simply also get added to project B and are visible in both projects.

Without me changing anything, the rule seemed to work once, but then stopped again for the next task. However, this then caused a second problem.

Once the task was in project B and got accepted, it got added to project A successfully. However, the rule to move non-priority tasks to project B got triggered again. So the task disappeared again right away.

Can someone help me figure this out?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Alexandra_Griebl!

If you want the task to be moved instead of multi-homed make sure you select this option when creating the rule:


Then it works like you explained:

To do this you can set up a rule that is triggered by any tasks added to a special section or for tasks that have a special selection for a custom field drop down for example.

To avoid this from happening the trigger for the rule set up in project A might need 2 conditions.
Now in your case you mentioned any task added via the form to project A should be moved to project B. This basically means for the rule trigger if you set it up to all tasks added to this project from form submissions only then it would not be triggered for other tasks.

Can you try this out?

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So quick!!
I think those suggestions should definitely work! Give it a go @Alexandra_Griebl :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This definitely helped with avoiding that infinite loop of moving tasks :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I’m still struggling with getting tasks to move to project B in the first place. This is the rule I’ve been using:
Asana move to project

For some reason, this rule seems to work for some tasks, but not for others and I can’t figure out the problem.

When a colleague submitted a new task via the form, it worked perfectly fine, as you can see here:
Asana working example

However, when I did the exact same thing as my colleague to check if the rule works, it originally moved, but then moved back to project A again right away. I don’t have any rule set up that should trigger this.
asana broken example

For the above rule what settings do you have for it? When all or when any of these triggers happen?

I selected ‘when all of these triggers happen’.

We sometimes create tasks manually, not using the form and I don’t want those tasks to move project. That’s why I selected that all triggers need to happen.

Okay good. Yeah just wanted to double check this as that might have been the reason why the rule did trigger again.

Now looking at this again it shows something must have trigger another rule it seems 1min later.

Have you checked all rules in both projects to ensure none triggers any action? Also check any rules you might have set up for My Tasks

I have just checked all the rules again. No rules are implemented in My Tasks.

And in the review board, we only have 1 rule moving tasks back to the work tracker. However, this should only add tasks to the work tracker after the task was moved to the ‘accepted’ section in the task review project.
asana rule non priority

The task that randomly got added back to the work tracker project after one minute is not in the ‘accepted’ section and has also never been in this section.

Hm I see, then it does not really make sense that it would have been added again if no condition applies.

Have you tried a few times and it always happened the same thing for you? But for your colleague, it worked fine correct?

If so then check the troubleshooting steps here and if nothing helps I recommend reaching out to Asana support
When you do include the link to this post so they can see everything you have tested already.

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Thanks so much for all the help! Troubleshooting helped and it’s now working as intended.

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