Moving tasks from one project to another using rules


I created a project X in Asana. In this project, I created a form. this form has a rule that whenever a specific field of the form is entered, to move the task to another project Y.

In project Y, the task has been received. I created a rule to check one of the fields of this created task if it has a specific value to move the task to Project Z under a specific section and to assign it to someone.

The first rule is working properly and the task created by submitting the form from Project X to project Y.

But the second rule in project Y is not working which is to move the task from project Y to project Z.

Can you please assist me with that?

Thank you

Hi @Samer_Jaber and welcome to the forum!

What you want to do is edit the second rule; click the … in the upper right and on the Rule Settings menu, check “Allow this rule to be triggered by other rules”.

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Thank you @Phil_Seeman for your reply. this button is checked.

In order to see this field in the rules, I did a form in project Y including this field and I added it to the library so I can see it from the rule’s triggers and actions but I still cannot make the rule start.

I think it is an issue of library being added or not…
How can I see the field I need in the second rule’s trigger?

What I would do is go to each of the projects, access the project’s Fields in the customize menu, select to edit the same field name in both projects and see if it shows in both places that it’s in your custom fields library. Chances are that in at least one of the projects, it’s not in the library but is a local field having the same name as the library field. You can even add a description to help uniquely identify a field, if you think you might have multiple fields with the same name.

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