Task copy on a another project

Hi, I am using a rule to add an existing task from one project to another project I would like to be able to copy the custom fields data from this task to the second project which contains the same customs fields but Asana only copies the basic fields Is there a solution?

Hi @Michel_Gueit .

In general terms, rules allow you to actually move or add a task to a new project (not copying it, see screenshot below).

If you move or add a task to another project (no matter if through rules or manually) custom field values will always be preserved as long as the custom field is added to both projects.

Please feel free to describe the problem you are experiencing in further detail so that we can help more. Thank you :smile:

When the task is add as a new task in the duplicate project all the customs fiels values not, it is a new virgin task with no values in the custom fields

Hey @Michel_Gueit,

the custom fields in your main project are they set up for the project only or to be visible organization wide? For more info see here How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Upon creating the field is this ticked?

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Yes ! With visible by organization, customs fileds are duplcate ! Thank you !

creating a rule to add existing tasks to another project is only available on business and enterprise subscriptions?

Yes, @Megie_S . See here: Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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