Set up a rule triggered by other rule

Hello everyone!
Maybe you advise the solution. We have 3 levels of projects: general → departments (20) → teams (50). The requests are gathered through the form in the general project. Then according to the rule (to move the task to another project when the department field is changed), the request (task) goes to a particular department project. And then we want to move this task to a particular team project automatically. I have created a rule (to move the task to another project when the team field is changed), but it doesn’t work, because this task is not being created, but just moved as it is. Asana doesn’t see this task as new and doesn’t trigger the rule. And to trigger the rule, you need to update fields manually. The track is attached.

Maybe you know how to bypass the settings or what other rules we can use to make the transfer happen.
This is all done to bypass the 20 rules limit per project. Otherwise, we’d have all the rules in one project :slight_smile:

Hi @Kseniia_Erzh,

If you don’t curerntly have it turned on, try turning on this option for the rule that’s not running:



Hello, it was turned on and it doesn’t work anyway :slight_smile:

Sorry, @Kseniia_Erzh, I think I didn’t read your post closely enough and missed the above. What is the rule trigger you currently have in place? Can you post screenshots of the rule(s) you currently have set up?

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