Automation "Rules" are useless for asigning projects unless a "project" === "projectA" check is build in.

Hi there!

We have been using Asana for years now. And one thing I find interesting about the automation rules is that they lack the possibility to do extra checks whether or not a project already is added to ask.

Let me explain:
For example I have a task C assigned to project A, this same task I want to add to Project B. Project B has a task running that for task added to Project B it will get asigned to Project A. This causes task C to be reasigned to Project A. While this does not seem to be a problem at first place it causes the task to move from Section C back to Section A. And this is a problem.

What I would require is Card rule to say in an automation:

  • If project NOT IS “project A” THEN

So this would make my whole Automation rule:

  • IF a task is moved to section
  • AND IF a task IS in section “A”
    - AND IF a task NOT IS “project A” THEN
  • THEN add task to “Project A”

Unless this is solved, automations are pretty useless for a lot of rules. Because for our Asana work we rely on task being added to the correct Project Boards. Since we use multiple boards for a single task this is a requirement for us.

So please please :pray: :pray: :pray: help us out and build in this easy rule which solves all our automation problems.

Thank you!

@Harwin_Borger FYI I moved your post to the Product Feedback forum section so that you and others can vote for it as an enhancement request. (Be sure for vote for it via the purple “Vote” button.)

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I would like to see a rule being able to check if assigned to project… but more as I would like to have a rule that says if the task is not assigned to any project (created via my tasks) it is added to Project A…

does that make sense?
Great suggestion @Harwin_Borger

That would be a different usecase, but it is in line with the overall request to have more ways to automate rules and check for certain conditions.

The lack of those checks makes it very hard to automate Asana boards decently.

A recap of functionality would be:

  • IF NOT assigned to “Project A” THEN
  • IF NOT assigned to any project THEN (suggestion of @Becky_Manson ) (only works for My Tasks)
  • IF assigned to “Project A” THEN
  • IF assigned to a project THEN… (suggestion of @Becky_Manson )
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It seems like they need to add a ‘NOT’ condition for all the fields/objects.