Global follow-unfollow option and notifications


Hi there,

there is one thing we´re struggling with since we use Asana (for a while now :slight_smile: )

We can´t use our Inboxes as it´s crowded with information as every task is followed even if it was assigned to you just for a brief question. So checking the inbox every day would take too long. We would love to have the option to globally unfollow all tasks and then have the option to follow single tasks on demand. So if I really want updates for a specific task I can follow it and don´t have the ‘noise’ of all other tasks.

Same for e-mail notofications. Introducing Asana in our company we stopped internal e-mail conversations. But some tasks might be important enough to be informed by e-mail. At the moment adjusting notification settings is very rudimentary.

What do you think or are there any workarounds for that?

Thank you!


@Andre_Pollklesener - we’re starting to put some of that accountability on the project owners - once they set up a project (typically from a template) make sure they are adjusting the members, followers, and notification settings for that project. It’s definitely starting to help.


Thank you for your input, @Laura_Johnson. Talking about accountability is a very good point. I also believe everyone should be accountable for his/her jobs/projects. And to meet that standard I want to fade out distracting information just like being a follower of every task I created, or that once was assigned to me, or every task of a project I am part of. Having the choice which task I’m following enables me to be accountable in an efficient way (without having to search for the relevant updates). At the moment it´s more like Facebook. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling … :smile:


Like unsubscribing from mountains of junk email, I start one by one, as tasks come in that I don’t want notifications about, I click on the Inbox notification to go to the task and remove myself as a follower. It takes a little time, but is less overwhelming than trying to find all of them at once.


Thank you @Olive that´s at least a workaround. And it sounds like you would support my wish? :slight_smile: