Spreadsheet layout for My Tasks

Is it possible for the new Project List View to also be applied to the My Tasks view? https://blog.asana.com/2019/10/new-list-view/

I find that our projects are now in a better shape of order, but when I switch to the My Tasks view, as the column structure isn’t there, the detail isn’t as clear… I’d love to be able to see the associated projects / dates / priority / custom fields etc all in their own column, so it is easier to sort through my objectives.

Is that upgrade coming soon? If so, do you know timings? I feel you missed a step not applying that update on this page at launch.

Hi @Sarah_Mosses,

The new list view format is not currently available in My Tasks. Others have made the same request in the main thread about this change (Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!), but oddly, it seems no one has posted the request in Product Feedback - until now you have! So now others can vote for it here.

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We really need this to be able to see things like Priority and Status in My Tasks.