User-level "save layout as default"

I almost almost always filter the layout to just my tasks. This reduces the clutter that I see when viewing my whole team’s tasks in a project and allows me to better focus on what’s up next. When I found that I could save that layout as default, I was pumped. Saved me several clicks all the time. But then I discovered that this was a project-level setting, not user-level, so I was making my whole team look at my tasks. What a bummer! It would be a great quality-of-life improvement to save this setting at the user-level.

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I agree it would be great to save the setting at user-level. I upvote it :raised_hands:
I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any update regarding it!

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At the moment there is only “default” layout or temporary one (with Quick shortcuts) (see help/faq/toolbar-updates Asana Guide). One can persist temporary sets/filters/sorting/fields into “default” List View Layout. There are cases when there are several layouts useful in specific project for selected users or for many/all users.

I would suggest possibility to save custom layouts to More… menu for user herself (like Saved Reports with ability to name it), or share the saved layout with other users to reuse (if Adaptive Project Views suggestion is implemented that can automatically move out of More… menu.)

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I’ll add that using the My Tasks serves as a somewhat adequate alternative.

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