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I’m pretty sure this is not possible but I thought I’d check first instead of posting straight to product feedback.

Is there a way to set a default view of a project for each user? From what I can see, it’s only possible to set a ‘team-wide’ default view. I suppose this would come in the form of a ‘set as view for me’ button.
I have a project with lots of tasks in it. All the tasks are within sections and each section has one user assigned to all tasks within. I’d like users to be able to open the project and (by default) only see the tasks assigned to them. Actually, ideally, I’d prefer them to have control of which sections were collapsed or not for them, which is possible with setting a default view - but this is not independent for each user. Surely this would be quite a simple thing to implement? One of the selling points of Asana is that users can choose the view they personally prefer (list or board, for example). It then follows that they shouldn’t have to reselect the way they want to view the project every time they enter it.



Indeed the save layout as default is for everyone…

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