Set default project view to "All Tasks" organization- or team-wide?



Unless I’m missing something, it does not appear to be possible to change the default project view setting from “Incomplete Tasks”. It must be changed manually on a project-by-project basis.

I would LOVE to have the options to set the default view to “All Tasks” organization-wide. Or at least team-wide. Oftentimes, a coworker uploads an attachment to a task assigned to him and then marks it complete, making the task vanish. Though it’s simple to make it reappear manually, someone else may not even realize there’s a task they aren’t seeing. In our organization, it’s valuable to have all tasks displayed for every user for just about every project.

Could that become a setting? I realize not everyone would like to set up their projects like this, but a global project view option would be invaluable for some of us.

Thank you!


I a not sure this is possible, you’ll probably have better luck training people :neutral_face: or you create a model project with the correct settings and always ask users to duplicate it… (or use a template you created maybe)