Default to View All Tasks


Is there a way to make the option to “View All Tasks” for a project. It’s defaulting to “View Incomplete Tasks”? Thanks!


Hi @Marianne_Cox, yes! Click the Change View icon at the top right of the project pane, and select view All Tasks. Then, choose “Save view for everyone”. Now, whenever someone views the project, the default will be All Tasks!


Thank you @Kristen! I love it!


Is it possible to set the default for ALL projects like this? Rather than having to edit the preferences of each project?


Has anyone else found a solution to this?

It’s hard to “see” the entire breadth of a project when I’m always having to take a look at the Complete tasks. Especially if I’m jumping into (joining) a project that is underway or if someone else has done some work.

I get that we can change this project-by-project, but isn’t this a personal preference?


bumping this. There needs to be away to define “view all tasks” defaults at the team and global levels.