Sort Tasks keeps reverting back to all in a project constantly


i usually likt to see tasks as ‘all tasks’ as the generic default option for my asana.

i have a project, and probably other projects too, that whenever i change the tasks filter to ‘incomplete’ it constantly changes it back to ‘all tasks’.

this is both on the android mobile app and on chrome web browser login.
i keep changing it to filter incomplete tasks, then a short while later it will be back to all taks and i have to filter it again.

is there any way to change the task view on a project and not have it keep reverting back?

its very annoying

Hi @Jimmyss, thanks for reaching out!

If there is a specific way you prefer to sort tasks in a project, for example, “All tasks” you can save this view as the default for everyone. Please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: