Tasks = Incomplete in Android

In the Asana app for Android I open Projects tab and the I open one of the projects. I set Tasks = Incomplete in view settings but it keeps switching back to “All” when I come back to the project. When I first installed asana recently, the behavior wasn’t like that. I don’t want to see completed tasks in the app. How do I do that?

Hi @Enver and thank you for reaching out!

Can you please try reinstalling the app and let us know if the issue persists?

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I reinstalled the app and nothing changed. The problem is still there

Hi @Enver what is the default view in the WebApp for that project?

It used to be that the mobile app would reflect whatever the default view for the project is.


When I open any of the projects in WebApp, they all display “Incomplete tasks” only as default. Tried clicking “Save layout as default” for a certain project and then opening that project on Android app - it still displays all tasks.

So? Is this a bug?

Sorry for the late reply here @Enver!

Thank you for all the troubleshooting and for your patience!
I will escalate this issue for the Team to investigate it but before I do that can you please confirm what version of Android you are using?

Thank you!

I use Android 8. But I think they fixed it. I checked now and the problem is gone. There was an update on 25 September. There is high probability it contained the fix. I will monitor the behavior for a while.

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