Mobile App: have to change the view every time. Allow default!

I’ve just got the mobile app. When I open it, every time it only shows a small snippet of My Tasks. Every time I open it, I have to click the Filter button, set to show Incomplete Tasks only, and set to show with Projects + Tags instead of the default Due Date. Only when I have made these changes can I see all my tasks as I do on desktop. Am i missing something, or do I actually have to do it like this every time? Thank you!

Hi @David_Gerrard my understanding is that the Mobile app shows the view that has been saved for everyone, via the web app.

So yes if you view is only for you then you will have to change it on the Mobile app everytime.

Not sure about the My Tasks view as I use the default view.



View settings for “Tasks” and “Sort by” in the app reflect what was set in the browser version of Asana, but “Show with” has no browser counterpart as tags are always shown in the browser view of My Tasks. So every time I open the app, it reverts back to “Show with Due Date”. It’s really annoying to have to switch it to “Projects+tags” every time as it’s not persistent and there’s no way to save it.

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Yes, super annoying. Fix this already…

There needs to be a way to set a default view on mobile.

It has nothing to do with the layout on PC as you can see everything on PC

When I open up a project, I don’t want to see completed tasks, I want to have my tasks sorted by due date, and I want all of my tasks to show up without having to refresh. It feels like all of these things would make sense as a default way for tasks to show up, but alas, I have a minimum of 2 of these three steps that I need to take whenever I open up a project.

Is there some step I missed to make these choices my default settings or was the app designed to not allow default settings?

Hi @Scott_Wynd, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

If you save a default view on web, when you view that project on mobile, it should look the way it is was saved on web. In this case, you’d need tos save your view by incomplete tasks on web first.

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to set a view as default on mobile. We have a thread on this topic in our #mobile:androidios-feedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post. with the main thread to centralize feedback. We’ll keep the main project updated if we have any news!

If I am off base please let me know. MOBIL apps by their design and nature exist to enable the user to access essential information quickly, effectively, and completely.

Asana is supposed to be a premier productivity tool. Really?

Why is it not possible for a user to set the filtering parameters that enable him/her to see the critical information on the schedule. When in the field working from a Mobil app the last thing we need is to be paging and scrolling around trying to find which task is due.

Let’s get this right or we may find other applications that fill the gap Asana leaves open.

Hi, I need it too