Android tasks by due date

Hi. There’s no save view for everyone, just an Apply option. It resets every time I close the app. Grateful for any help.

@Anders_Gustavsson I just tried on the Android App and yep that is a bug it should save it.

@Marie or @alexis - I would split @Anders_Gustavsson post off and make it a bug post but I can’t do that are you able to?

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ll report this bug to the product team.

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Another big bug is too much task shows on screen even I delete project .

Hi @Anders_Gustavsson! I spoke with my team and to clarify, if you save a default view on web, when you view that project on mobile, it should look the way you expect. However, there isn’t a “save as default” in mobile. We’ve made our PM team aware of this need, though. :+1:


Ok, got it. I’ll try to access it through the web. Thank you!