Android - After update project filter in Android app view does not correspond to view in web application

For a few months, the filter that I set for the web version on a project no longer works in the Android app, with the result that what is displayed in the project in the app differs from what is displayed in the web version. I have set a filter on all entries with today’s due date in the web app and saved it as the default view, since the project should only show tasks that are due today. The Android app ignores the default setting and shows all tasks. As possible troubleshooting measures, I have already cleared the app’s cache, cleared the app’s storage, completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The result is always the same. I also have to mention that the standard view that was created and saved in the web app has always been displayed on Android correctly. So this is a new phenomenon.
I also contacted the support about this problem in June 2022, but got an answer essentially saying, “it’s not a bug, but a feature”, which makes no sense to me at all. So my strategy was patience and I waited until now, hoping for a bug fix, which never came :blush: I hope, that someone takes this issue seriously, because the app is practically unusable for me for this specific project.

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@Rebecca_McGrath and @Nao_Kumazaki, should this be moved to bugs? Or could you escalate to the product team?




Thanks for reaching out in the Forum, @Philip_McCreight. As our Support team mentioned that this is an expected limitation and not a bug, I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #mobile:feedback category.

While I can’t confirm that this functionality will be changed, I will certainly update you here if I have any news. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer. From my point of view, if something doesn’t work anymore, that worked before, this is a bug :blush: Also for a seamless user experience I would expect project to behave the same in the web version and the app. But maybe I just don’t understand the underlying strategy. In this case I would reformulate from “bug” to “change request” or “wish” :slight_smile: Hope to hear from Asana soon on this issue.