Setting default view of incomplete tasks in My Tasks

I know you used to be able to click the three dots and “Save as default view”, but with the updates that now allow you to save multiple views under projects this seems to have disappeared in My Tasks. I know there’s now a save button in projects for views, but it’s not there in My Tasks. My own My Tasks is set the way I want it because I had changed it before the update, but I have a colleague who is trying to change hers now and has to set it to show incomplete tasks only every time she opens to Asana. Is this a bug? Are developers aware? Or does anyone have a workaround?

Hi @Kathryn_Miller

As far as I know, the Filters in My Tasks are persistent (they don’t need to be saved).
And for me, it works correctly.
Then, if the issue of your colleague is confirmed, that could be a bug.

Edit: @Kathryn_Miller confirmed that the problem was actually within a project (and not My Tasks), and she was able to show her colleague how to fix it. So, problem solved!

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Thank you for confirming how the functionality should work. It turns out she was mis-describing her issue - it was actually within a project so I was able to show her how to fix it. So, problem solved!

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