How do you make showing only incomplete tasks the default?

Apparently you used to be able to do it using … next to the filter, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. Someone else said you could do it by going to the dropdown next to the project name and saving as default view but that is also not an option on my view - is it now a premium feature or something? I’m searched everywhere and can’t find any way to set it as a default.

Hi @Tina_Woolston ,

Welcome to the forum! When you make a change (e.g. filter, sort), does a save button appear near the right side of the view:

If you click that, it should save the view for you to return to.

If Stephen’s suggestion isn’t working for you, please consider posting a screenshot so we can see exactly what is going on.

This is what it looks like:

After you select a filter, there should be an option to Save View:

I do (seem to?) recall that the Save option has different appearances or naming in different views or screens, but I believe it’s always an option (IFF you have saveable changes) and always in the upper right corner. So hunt around there for a Save option.

If it’s still not working, please take a screenshot of a view with a filter applied, showing the whole Asana view area and we’ll see if we can find your save control.

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It seems to have worked! its just confusing because the save button doesn’t show up until you select something to filter by, and then when it does you have to click on the “save” - not the down arrow next to it and when you do it just says “board saved” which isn’t at all the same as “make default view” or anything that would let you know what it exactly was that you saved. Thank you!

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