Issues with task lists showing 'All Tasks' instead of 'Incomplete'

I would like tasks lists set to show “Incomplete Tasks Only” when I view them. They currently default to show “All Tasks” which includes completed tasks I no longer want to see. I cannot locate a setting to change this default.

Anyone know how to get this setting changed?

Hi @Jeremy_Forest

Are you referring to your “My Tasks” list or in projects? For both, you can find the filter at the top right of the page and filter by Incomplete, Complete, or All Tasks

Yes, I know how to filter, but wanted “Incomplete Tasks” set as the default. I ended up finding the answer in another forum. After switching the filter to ‘Incomplete Tasks’ you just click the 3 dots to the right and select “Save Layout As Default.” Not the most intuitive set up, but it works.

I understand now, thanks for the clarification and glad you were able to figure it out