Ability to set default view in app

It would be awesome to be able to set a default view not only for filtering out finished tasks but for the app as a whole - e.g. so that when opening the app, it opens a board of my choice in a view of my choice (board view for me).

Best regards, Niels

Great request @Niels_Münster! We don’t have plans to launch this feature in the near term but I’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any news :slight_smile:

Hi Emily, wonderful, thanks so much! I really hope this is something that you’ll put on your short list. Because as wonderful as Asana is (it really has a lot of strengths compared to Trello), this to me is a severe downfall that impedes the usability of the phone app and thus the use of Asana on the go. :blush:

Following one of the recent IOS upgrades I have been extremely frustrated, because I need a BOARD view with ALL tasks and the app is defaulting to a list view with incomplete tasks. Every single day I have to change the view on the projects I am working on. This has really taken most of the convenience out of working with Asana. Please give us the option to choose default views in the iOS app. Thank you!