View "My Tasks" by Due Date (permanently)

Hi all!

I can’t figure out a way to change the view permanently for “My Tasks” (for myself or any of our team). When I am in the “My Tasks” view I can click on the gear icon and sort by Due Date, as shown here:

But there is no option to “Save as Default View”. I realize this is possible when working in a specific project but we don’t really use ASANA that way. All of our tasks are just part of our general workflow so adding each and every task to project is just something which doesn’t add value and takes time to do (an extra field to fill in each time).

Is there a way for us to sort these permanently by due date for each user so we don’t have re-sort our tasks each time we reload the My Task’s page? I am always clicking from user to user and re-sorting pages dozens of times per day.



Hi Shane,

I have this option to save the view for everyone:

But I am a premium member. However, as far as I remember it was also possible in the free tier.



Wow, I wish I had that option, it would be perfect. Does anyone out there know if this is “premium-only”?

@Shane_Solomon, it’s not a premium only feature – you can only “Save View for Everyone” in your own My Tasks (not a coworker’s). You should be able to see that ability in your own My Tasks. If you can’t, let us know!

I’d recommend posting widely to have folks change their own My Tasks view – maybe in a Team Conversation? You could also use Assign Copies to assign folks a Task to change their sort by a certain time, if it’s more urgent. Hope that helps!


Hi Sara

Thanks for the info. One more question:

If everyone else goes to their own “My Tasks”, sorts by “Due Date”, and clicks “Save View for Everyone”, does it mean that whoever is viewing that person’s task list will see it sorted that way? I think that’s right but wanted to confirm with you. Thanks.


Hi @Shane_Solomon! That is correct. Save for everyone means that whoever views that person’s task list will see it sorted that way.


Looks like we have it all figured out now and everyone has sorted and saved and we are good to go. Thanks for the great support!


Okay, maybe I’m a total dope, but while I understood that ‘Save for Everyone’ in projects means anyone who arrives at that project sees it sorted that way, I thought that translated into ‘My Tasks’…

As in, if I save a certain view for everyone in my tasks, it forces everyone’s ‘My Tasks’ to be sorted that way.

I was carrying a bit of guilt with me that I had forced everyone to use priority view for awhile. Phew. That makes much more sense.

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Please help - This is sort of related… We are wanting to “UNSET” that “Save View For Everyone”… We originally wanted it sorted a certain way for everyone and now we want them to be able to choose their own default. Is there any way to “unset” that option?

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We just discovered the “save view for everyone” setting (Love!) but it doesn’t seem to be working. My colleague sorted her tasks out with lots of beautiful extra section headings that divide different types of work, as well as sorts by due date. However, when I look at it, the settings are lost. Is the save view function broken right now? Or does it not save custom section headings?

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Great question, @Dana_Mitchell. Is there a chance that your colleague hasn’t made her custom sections public? By default, tasks and projects created in My Tasks are private (screenshot below), so if you want to add custom sections to help sort that are visible to others as well, she’ll need to click the “Make Public” link.

Let us know if this works.


Yep, that worked! Thank you, Katie!


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The Save View for “Everyone” language is really confusing when you are in the “My Tasks” section. Everyone makes it sound like you are going to change your co-workers My Tasks view as well. It makes sense in the project views, but the language should change when you are in My Tasks.

Horrible design. This question wouldn’t have been asked if it was better. I had the same issue.

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Is this Save View option still available? I can’t find it.

I also can’t find this option!! Really need it.

@Dagar_Groblad, This changed recently but it’s always been available in the My Tasks Action menu, and now it’s also available here:




It’s not the most obvious wording, if nobody else has mentioned that yet. Where is layout used to describe sort order? Are there other platforms using this verbage that I’m missing out on?