View "My Tasks" by Due Date (permanently)

Highly agree

I’m pretty sure i’ve seen this here, but I cannot see it any more. This it move again?

and it’s not here either

@Annelie, As of around October, My Tasks automatically saves your layout as mentioned in this post: Asana Release Notes October 2019


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Not sure I get this " Auto-saved view in My Tasks : My Tasks will now automatically save your sort, filter, and view preferences."

It save’s my last sort or? and is that in browser or account? and is that for both me and if I’m viewing a colleagues?

@Annelie, I know it saves across browsers for you. I’m not sure about the rest of your questions.

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Thank you!!

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Is this function still available?

Sorting by date does not persist if I leave the My Tasks view (no autosave). Additionally, I don’t see an action menu (three dots or other icon) that provides the options users have pointed out in previous years. (I have a Customize button, but that only allows showing/hiding fields). Thank you for any updates!
2021-05-27 07_18_27-● My Tasks - Asana


We figured it out. If you sort by due date at the top of the column it doesn’t stick. You have to go up to the top right menu where it says “Incomplete Tasks - Sort - Customize” and select “Sort”. Then it sticks.