It would be great if my task list would default to sorting by due date


Everytime you click on “My Tasks,” the tasks appear in some crazy random order. It would be nice if it defaulted by due date.


Choose your sort and then click on “Save view for everyone” :wink:


Hi @Diane_Taylor,

To also follow on what Bastien said, the order that the My Tasks screen defaults to isn’t random. It maintains whatever order you arrange the tasks in while putting new tasks you haven’t arranged into the “New Tasks” section.

Some people like setting due dates for everything and sorting that way, but other people like to arrange the order and re-prioritize or put into sections. Personally I arrange my tasks into the Today/Upcoming/Later sections as well as create my own sections within for blocked items I can’t work and the order I plan to work them.

It seems worth pointing that out so you don’t think it’s arbitrary.


I have the view saved for everyone, but when I go to click on my employees tasks, how do I default to sort by due date? Everytime it gets randomly sorted.


Nevermind, figured it out. I just told my employee to set the sort by due date view for everyone so I can see it that way!