Default Sort For My Tasks

Recently, my My Tasks sections have been sorting by Priority when I initially load some workspaces. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am seeing this in my Personal Projects workspace, as well as an organization’s workspace.

Hi @wreade! Have you tried to sort by none and then “Save this view for everyone”?

You might also be experiencing this bug; which we’re hoping to resolve very soon!

Keep us posted!

@Marie, I did try that. Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn’t work. I think that bug you provided a link to is what I am seeing. I will watch for the fix. Thanks!

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Thanks for following up @wreade; I’m marking this post resolved and will let you keep an eye on Bug: Task lists revert to default view when switching between organization and workspace instead :slight_smile:

@Marie, thanks!

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A weighted priority task list would help so I can sort. I use excel and import and export but its extra steps. Thanks