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I found a few forums on this but still totally sure how to proceed. I want to reset my My Tasks view to the default lists (Recently Assigned, Today, Upcoming, etc). Can I get it back to the way it was when I started so I can benefit from the automated rules, etc?

One forum suggested sorting by “None” and then deleting the sections I added. I did this but not sure how to get the “Upcoming” and “Later” sections back to have them function as they would have originally! Any help is appreciated.

Welcome, @Jen_Lindwall,

There isn’t a “reset” option for My Tasks.

But my article has a step-by-step approach that should get you set up a common, basic starting point:



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Hi @Jen_Lindwall , I think you are looking for the ‘Group by’ button in the top right and set that to ‘Custom sections’.

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