Is there a way to reset My Tasks to the default?

When I started using Asana, I changed the main categories (Recently assigned, Today, etc.) to customize them to my own categories. I didn’t realize the problems this would cause! Is there any way to revert back to the default structure of My Tasks and start over?


There’s no reset feature, but you could:

  • make sure the My Tasks view options on the top right are set to Incomplete tasks and Sort None
  • One by one, click on each Section you added and either Mark Complete or Delete using the right overflow “…” menu; or, multi-select them all and use the bottom toolbar to delete

Note that My Tasks will be upgraded in the coming months and some of this may be automatically adjusted for you and will operate differently, in case you’d rather just wait for that.

Hope that helps,



Thank you! That accomplished was I was looking for!