I lost my 'My Tasks' overnight

In the ‘My tasks’ tab, I normally have all of my ‘only me’ tasks that I’ve created, in list view with organized sections. Now, My tasks are full of older tasks, dating as far back as last year and it includes both project tasks assigned to me and the ‘only me’ tasks. Help!

I’ve looked at the browser version, checked all the dropdown menus, and can’t seem to retrieve the organized list that worked for me.

Our team is using Asana Premium.

I’ve included a screenshot showing some tasks that are recent from my team and some listed that are from over a year ago and completed.

Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Welcome, @Chad_Parkinson,

See this thread and the proposed solution by @Phil_Seeman’s post there:

Does that resolve your issue?

@Vanessa_N, Is there a chance that some update caused the setting to change for users, as was reported in that thread? And also reported here: Asana Release Notes August 2023 - #4 by Lucas_J.W_Johnson. Leaving this in Report a Bug in case.




Sorry for the delay and for the trouble. @Chad_Parkinson, we did launch an updated My Tasks view with additional sorting and filtering options, and the issue described seems to be due to some filters you might have in place.

If that’s the case, following the steps from the Tips & Tricks post that @lpb shared will resolve the issue! You just have to click Group by on the top-right corner of your My Tasks and then select the desired option.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, please let us know!