My Tasks List Not Showing Tasks


My Tasks list is empty and yet I have lots of current tasks - can anyone tell me how to reinstate them on my list?



If you run an advanced search, is that also empty?

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That does seem strange @Annie_White. Can you verify you’re not looking at your Personal Project instead of your Organization? When clicking on your profile picture, do you have the correct Organization selected?

Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


This is exactly the same issue I am having! Hopefully there will be an answer!


@Marie, I am an Asana newbie - just started today! I was totally LOVING it, following a mentor’s step by step instructions, and I have a list with probably 100 tasks over 11 projects. When it came to seeing them in My Tasks, NOTHING came up on the list! I do not understand what you are asking about “Personal Project” instead of Organization? When I click on my profile picture, there is not an option for selecting Organizations. As of right now, there is only myself in the account, as I want to learn and see how it works before rolling it out to others. Can you help me understand more what you mean? Thank you very much!!


Thanks for following up @Sandi_G we’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying Asana! In order to help you further, we would need to take a closer look at your account. Can you please send screenshots of what you’re seeing in your My Tasks at (make sure to include your entire browser’s window in your screenshot)? Our Support Team will be in a better position to help you and provide you with a tailored answer!