Tasks assigned to me not showing up in My Tasks list

Hi there,

I’m having an issue where a task will be assigned to me by my employer and then the task doesn’t appear in My Task list. It is listed in the tasks assigned to me by them (on their screen) but not showing up on mine.

Would be great to get some help with this, thank you!

Hi @kyle!

Are you sure that you’re looking in the correct Asana space? If you are a member to more than one Asana space, you’ll need to toggle your view to the correct one.

To toggle between spaces in Asana you are a member of, you’ll need to click your Profile Photo in the upper right hand side of your Asana and select the correct space (Organization/Workspace). Additional instructions are available at this link.

To be honest, this should solve it, though if not this is pretty wonky behavior and an issue you may need to reach out to our user operations Team at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana for direct assistance. I’d be sure to include screenshots of all your My Task pages as well.

Hope this helps get you on track Kyle! :slight_smile:


Hi Michael, this is happening to me now… the tasks assigned to me on different projects under the same organisation, are not showing up on ‘my tasks’… not sure if I have to activate something, can’t find the answer online…

This is my current ‘my tasks window’

It actually looks different to the asana view I saw on different posts…

Will appreciate your help.

Thank you

Hi there @Paula_Neme :wave:

Perhaps sharing screenshots of a Task thats been assigned to you in this Organization that isn’t showing in your My Tasks, would be helpful.

Since this might contain sensitive information, it might be better to reach out to our support form at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana so that our team can take a better look at what is happening here.

PS: What differences in you My Tasks section (from what you see) leads you to believe this may be part of the problem? I ask because we’ve recently rolled out a new user interface for Asana which may explain the difference between your views.

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Hi all, I had the same issue and was able to resolve it this way.

  1. Create a new task from the “Add Task” button at the top of the “My Tasks” view
  2. Once the right pane appears, hit Tab+Y

For me, this forced to “today”, “upcoming”, “later” sections to reappear, and along with those came all of my scheduled & assigned tasks.

I’m guessing the issue popped up related to those buckets (i.e., today, upcoming, later).

I have three Asana space. In two of them, I am able to see My Tasks with no issues. The account where I am the owner is the one where I have issues. There are many tasks assigned to me, but My Tasks list is empty. Can you help?