My Tasks Sections Not Appearing

The sections within My Tasks - New, Today, Upcoming and Later - have all disappeared except Later. I’m assigning my tasks to each one but they aren’t “moving” to those sections bc the sections don’t even appear. Please help!

When you assign Task “Wash the dog” to Upcoming, does the task continue to show in Later, or does it disappear?

If it continues to show in Later, what do you find in task history when you open it up?

If it disappears, can you still find it by searching?

Hi @Lexi_D_Angelo and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that you are running through this issue? In order to help you further, can you please send us a screenshot of:

  • The tasks you are assigning to those sections (including the url)
  • your My Task

Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi There, I’m also experiencing a scenario where my tasks have all disappeared within sections. Previously, each section created its own duplicated task underneath, but now those tasks are all gone and do not appear when I even select “view all completed tasks”. I also have no way of extracting the sub-tasks that were within these tasks that have disappeared. Please help! Screenshot included:

I recommend contacting Asana support directly.