Task Default Sorting

I cant seem to get the task sorting to be permanently set by Due Date.
Ive tried the way suggested in many posts but i dont seem to have the “Save view for everyone” option (found here: It would be great if my task list would default to sorting by due date)

Am i missing something. Do i need glasses ?

@Naasier, It’s moved and now you’ll find it as shown in this post (same for My Tasks or project view):


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Has it been moved again? I no longer see this option.

@Kayla2, While it hasn’t changed for projects, it has become automatic in My Tasks (it just always remembers the changes you made) and has been removed from there. So if you were asking about My Tasks, that should address it but reply if not!



Suddenly my default sort order won’t stay. Every time I open asana my tasks are ordered by project name. It’s really throwing me off. I set it back to sort by Due date, but it won’t stay that way. This just started this week!


Sorry to hear this. I can’t reproduce on Asana web app Chrome on Mac.

Perhaps contact support:

or report a bug, maybe with video, at #bugs:report-a-bug.