Order My Tasks by due date isn't kept

In My Tasks section, if I order as Due Date in ascendant order (from recent due date to older due date) and I change section o reload the page, My Tasks are ordered from older to recent again.

Steps to reproduce:
Open My Tasks
Order by Due date
Click on Due date column header to switch it’s order
Change section
Return to My tasks

Browser version:
Chrome / MacOS desktop app

Upload screenshots below:

This is not what I experience, in my case it does keep the sort. The Asana team will probably come back to you!

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

Hello - I’m attempting to change the sorting of “My Tasks” from Due Date to unsorted (so that I can use Sections). Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing I can do to make that change save - each time I refresh, select my tasks again, etc, it always returns to the view sorted by Due Date.

I know that in projects, you have a save default view option, but from other answers, changes to “My Tasks” are supposed to autosave - how do I force this?

@Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman it is not the first time someone raises this. Is that a known bug?

Thanks for flagging this! I’m investigating this further and I’ll get back to you once I have more information :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! so I checked more details about this and I see that when you remove the “Sort by due date” by clicking on the column “Due date”, the change won’t be saved by default. The view will be automatically saved only when you update the settings from the “Sort” icon. This is currently working as expected but I understand where the confusion is coming from so I’ve sent your feedback to our product team.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 12.14.07

Please try updating the order from the Sort icon and feel free to let me know if the view is still not saved as default. Thank you!

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